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  We purchase your used machines!!   Our inventory list!!

INTI SRL was founded on March 26th, 1996 in Milan, but the founders already had considerable background and experience in the pharmaceutical field, having operated as managers of important companies producing raw materials and pharmaceutical specialities, selling products and production equipment in Italy and abroad.

INTI SRL is currently operating in the following fields:

  • Production of machinery for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic field
  • Purchase and sale of used machines and complete production lines for the above mentioned companies
  • Sole Agents for Central and South America for:

  • - SIFI SPA Pharmaceutical Company, leader in Italy for production and sale of ophthalmic specialities
    - AR.LA.VES: leader in Italy for the production of vials for pharmaceutical use
    - CONVEL SRL : manufacturer of electronic machines with highly-advanced technology for the control of impurities in liquids, powders and lyophilized powders, as well as for the leak test.
    - SALIMENT SRL : Manufacturer of a worldwide novelty, a patented liquid salt with low sodium contents.

    Throughout the years and thanks to previous contacts, we have developed an extensive network of cooperation and friendship with pharmaceutical industries and people working in this field, and we can therefore offer the best and most qualified references in these areas of activity.


    These come from important European and North American companies, multinationals in particular.

    According to the customers’ needs, we can sell them either simply in working order or completely overhauled and corresponding to international regulations.

    We also purchase complete plants, which means the machines often do not need any intervention except for normal maintenance carried out by highly specialized technicians.

    Thanks to special conditions and highly competitive prices we are proud to have contributed, throughout the years, to the development and – in some cases - to the leadership of our clients in different countries.

    On request, and at cost, we can also offer our services for machine installation and training of company staff by our highly specialized technicians.

    The patrimony of esteem and friendship developed over many years working with our clients are the best presentation and reference for our Company and our activity.

    PLEASE CONTACT US for any requirements, or let us know if you have any equipment, line or complete plant to offer.

      International Trading Italia s.r.l. - Tel. +39 0331.1693557/8 - Fax +39 0331.1693554 - E-mail:        P.IVA 11792800150